Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Geodesic Dome Glamping Destinations Around The World

There are purists who believe it’s not camping unless you’re sleeping on the ground and waging a nightly war for your blood against an army of mosquitos.

There are others who dream of sleeping under the stars without having to pitch a tent, unroll a sleeping bag, or bathe in insect repellant.

For the latter, there’s glamping. Luxury campsites are an increasingly popular option for travelers who want to experience Mother Nature without surrendering their creature comforts. These opulent wilderness adventures offer pimped-out tents, fine dining, spa services, guided activities, and – perhaps best of all – running water.

You’re guaranteed to be a happy camper at any of these stunning “glamp sites” around the world. Below are a few glamping spots around the world you don’t want to miss:

EcoCamp Patagonia | Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

An action-packed glamping adventure awaits visitors to Chilean Patagonia. The notoriously wild Torres del Paine National Park is home to EcoCamp, the region’s first fully sustainable accommodation. Guests stay in cozy geodesic domes, some of which are duplexes and devote their days to trekking, horseback riding, kayaking and wildlife spotting. Nights are spent stretching in the yoga dome or dining and drinking in the three interconnected community domes.

Hotel Whitepod | Monthey, Switzerland

This innovative hotel, made up of geodesic domes and a central chalet, achieves the impossible: making cold-weather camping an appealing prospect. Whitepod invites guests to get away from it all in one of its eco-friendly, igloo-esque domes. Each pod is heated by a wood-burning stove and can be dismantled at any time without leaving a trace. The resort offers skiing and snowboarding on private slopes, as well as dog sledding and spa treatments.

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